Rutherfords is all about English bridle leather

The founders of Rutherfords revived the old and almost forgotten art of hand-making classical English bridle leather items. Our designs are all original patterns from the late 19th century. The best example is our iconic Traditional Music Case. This signature item is still made with exactly the same press knives and with the same tools as over 100 years ago. Today Rutherfords creates all products in a beautiful workshop on the Cholmondeley Castle estate in Cheshire, England.


Timeless & Durable

A real Rutherfords bag & briefcase, made out of English bridle leather, is timeless not only in regard of its design, but also in terms of its durability. English bridle leather is always of the finest quality. Originally developed to make bridles for equestrian sports it is expected to withstand continual stress while being smooth on the coat of the horse. Using leather of this quality enables Rutherfords to create the most luxurious English bags & briefcases for your daily life. 


English Bridle Leather

In order to achieve all of the valuable characteristics of  English bridle leather only the best hides are selected for this unique tanning process. During the tanning an especially large amount of wax is rubbed into the leather. This leads to the typical smoothness and shine of bridle leather. Over time it will develop a unique patina giving each item its own character and history. 



The perfection of manufacturing by hand is at the heart of every craftsman at Rutherfords. This is why each and every bag made by us contains multiple elements of hand-stitching. All edges of Rutherfords bags are meticulously hand-burnished. As we are a small company making every single bag with utmost attention, we can offer countless bespoke options. Every item is made-to-order, estimated delivery time is within 4-6 weeks to our customers.


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