June 18, 2021 2 min read


I first stumbled across Rutherfords when on a mission.

I’m the only fella in my household – apart from the dogs, that it – and finding suitably different and special Christmas gifts for my two daughters and my wife is an ongoing quest. 

I’m always looking for something interesting and special and perhaps something that will last a little longer than Boxing Day in both practicality and in the memory! What I try to find is something that will thrill and delight in equal measure and hopefully will stay around and become a treasured personal piece for each of the girls in my life. It’s no easy task, I can tell you, and over the years there have been some hits and misses. But it’s the thought that counts…

So, there I was, searching for inspiration whenI spotted, somewhere I now can’t remember, although probably on social media, the incredible Rutherfords English Bridle Leather, hand-stitched music case. They are, quite simply stunning, and gave me the opportunity to create gifts the likes of which no-one else in the world would possess.

So, I got in touch with the lovely folk at Rutherfords, and it was the start of an intriguing new friendship. At the time,d it was an inspirational push for something out of the ordinary. The great thing about this little workshop in Cheshire is that the folks that work in it are happy to chat to you about personal requirements and making a piece truly bespoke. I love that. These days, it’s more usual to simply take what you’re given – no options, no amendments.

I was able to discuss and choose a truly bespoke set of colours for my three music cases. Stunning leather in vibrant shades; accompanying linings with different colour schemes; the type of handles and straps I wanted – the way the bags close, and more.

I really felt part of the process and being able to select each bag and design it specifically for one of my girls was wonderful. And the result, which I hope you can see from the accompanying photographs, is a set of cases which will last a lifetime and give pleasure each and every time they’re used. 

They will gather a patina of use – some wrinkles and crinkles, like we all do. And I’d like to think it’s not an exaggeration to suggest they may become treasured family heirlooms for the grandkids and beyond.

The thought of my loved ones striding forth with their gorgeous bags which may, once in a while, make them think of their old Dad, makes me very happy indeed. 

Mission accomplished. Thanks, Rutherfords.